Best 10 1/4 Tips DVD Series


This high-energy series introduces viewers to the best methods for conducting a successful job search as well as for succeeding on the job.

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This high-energy DVD series introduces viewers to the best methods for conducting a successful job search as well as for succeeding on the job.
Each program covers the A to Z’s of topics ranging from identifying the best jobs, using the Internet, writing resumes, and interviewing to handling difficult background issues, working with bosses, and developing the necessary work habits to keep a job and get ahead in one’s career.

Viewing time: 15-20 minutes each. 2000/2001. Can purchase separately for $98.00 each. SPECIAL: $749.00 for all 8 programs.

  • Best 10¼ Tips for Developing Awesome Work Habits – Topics covered include being on time, being a organized, being a team player, always working toward improvement. Teachers will find this video a great way to show students positive work habits.
  • Best 10¼ Tips for Finding a Job Over the Internet – Learn how to get the tools you need to search the Web for the best job opportunities available worldwide. Find out how to make the Internet your own personal research assistant.
  • Best 10¼ Tips for Finding a Job Without a College Degree – There are plenty of good jobs out there for applicants who can prove their worth to an employer. Helps you find a job even without a college degree by packaging your accomplishments and preparing your resume for job interviews.
  • Best 10¼ Tips for Finding Your First Job – Unlock the mysteries of crafting a winning resume with this new video. Learn how to assess your talents, identify your skills, and find out about prospective employers as part of the job search process.
  • Best 10¼ Tips for Getting Along With Weird Bosses – Stresses the importance of finding out company goals, asking questions at the right time, and working hard to become a team player. While it is not always easy to get along with someone, the right attitude coupled with the relevant skills show it is possible.
  • Best 10¼ Tips for Nonverbal Communication – Designed specifically for the video game generation, this program introduces up-to-date communication tips. Topics include grooming, image, eye contact and handshake, and more. Packed with creative, energetic dialogue.
  • Best 10¼ Tips for People With a Not So Hot Past – Learn how to turn situations that are considered negative into something positive, with confidence. Sensitive and encouraging, this program breaks through to those who may be struggling with a past that is not so hot.
  • Best 10¼ Tips for Preparing for Your First Interview – Taking time to find out about yourself, researching the employer, and practicing are just a few of the tips covered in this program. Gives you the tools to gain the confidence you need to do well in interviews.




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