Be Your Own Brand: Achieve More of What You Want by Being More of Who You Are (2nd Edition)


This book helps you develop a strong and distinctive personal brand. Includes tools and exercises to help you create one that truly reflects who you are.

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By David McNally and Karl D. Speak
You may not know it, but you have a brand. Over time, the people who interact with you – colleagues, acquaintance, family and friends – develop a set of perceptions of who you are what you stand for.
But does your current personal brand truly reflect who you are and the difference you make? You’re probably not even aware of what your brand is now, but you can consciously create one that accurately reflects your truest personal values.
This book has been thoroughly revised and updated, with a new material on how to use social media to build a powerful personal brand and case studies of individuals whose personal brands have changed the world.
Included are unique and tested tools and exercises to help you develop a distinctive personal brand.
The hallmark insight of this book is that the best way to establish a strong and memorable brand is to make a positive difference in the lives of others. “When you make a discernable difference in the life of another,” the authors write, “you make a lasting impression and your brand receives credit.”
Be Your Own Brand takes you through the process of identifying the components of your brand, conveying that brand to the world, checking how closely your brand aligns with those of significant others – particularly your employer – and assessing your progress along the way.
153 pages. Softcover. 2011.


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