Basic Workplace Etiquette poster set (laminated unframed)


This set of five posters focuses on workplace etiquette basics.

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These posters focus on workplace etiquette basics. $59.95 for the set of five 17″ x 22″ posters. The text below appears on the posters. Click on the poster titles to view the posters.

  • Introductions
      Make sure people know one another

      When you introduce, provide additional information for an easy conversation starter

      Greeting Tips: greet others enthusiastically, smile warmly, make eye contact, maintain good posture and open body language

      Be prepared, review the names of guests or business associates

  • Etiquette and Technology
      Keep your volume down

      Identify yourself when you are calling others

      Return phone calls promptly

      Address and sign all emails

      Don’t type your email in all CAPS

      Ask for permission to get a person on speaker phone

      Do your personal correspondence on your own time

  • Language
      Good grammar helps communicate a positive image of yourself and the company

      Interrupting is a no-no. Always apologize if you do interrupt

      Keep comments positive and speak well of your company and your customers…do not get in the trap of criticizing others

  • Manners
      Keep your work area clean…and clean up after yourself in the lunch/break area

      Ask before borrowing anything and then promptly return the item

      Give credit and compliments

      Apologize sincerely

      Good or bad – accept responsibility

  • Remember the Basics
      Be polite…say please and thank you

      Respect others

      In an office situation, keep noise level down, do not disturb others

      Use deodorant, practice good hygiene!

      Dress neatly and conservatively




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