Barriers to Reentry Success Inventory (Third Edition)


This instrument helps formerly incarcerated individuals (ex-offenders) identify their concerns and potential barriers to successfully reentering society. It also helps them develop proactive plans for overcoming reentry barriers found in most communities.

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John Liptak, Ed.D

#9801  Each year more than 600,000 men and women are released from state and federal prisons. Another 11 million circulate in and out of local jails and detention centers. Often known for their scary rap sheets rather than stellar resumes, individuals with troubled backgrounds face many barriers to reentry success.

Designed for formerly incarcerated individuals (ex-offenders) in transition, the Barriers to Reentry Success Inventory (BRSI) is self-scored and self-interpreted assessment device. It measures important individual concerns relating to:

  • Basic needs
  • Wellness
  • Family
  • Digital literacy
  • Career development
  • Job search

Key features of the BRSI include:

  • Helps ex-offenders develop an individualized re-entry success plan.
  • Includes a 21-page administrator’s guide designed to help counselors, administrators, and corrections personnel facilitate the inventory.
  • Includes a new digital literacy scale that measures users’ familiarity with today’s challenging technology.
  • Features a new user-friendly booklet format.
  • Takes an average of 25 minutes to complete the exercise.
  • Offers flexibility to administer individually or in groups.

This inventory replaces the Offender Reintegration Scale (© 2016).

© 2022. 8½” x 11″ — 12-panel foldout. PRICE: One package of 25 instruments for $75.00. SPECIALS: 10 packages (250) for $719.95; 20 packages (500) for $1,399.00; 40 packages (1,000) for $2,599.00; 60 packages (1,500) for $3,719.00; 80 packages (2,000) for $4,799.00; 100 packages (2,500) for $5,799.00.

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1 package (25), 10 packages (250), 20 packages (500), 40 packages (1,000), 60 packages (1,500), 80 packages (2,000), 100 packages (2,500)


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