Barriers to Employment Success Inventory (5th Edition)


This assessment helps identify key barriers that keep people from conducting a successful job search or succeeding on the job.

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By John J. Liptak, Ed.D.

#151   Easily completed within 20 to 30 minutes, this powerful self-scoring and self-interpreting inventory helps users conduct a more effective job search as well as succeed on the job. Test takers rate 50 simple statements covering five categories:

  • Personal and Financial
  • Emotional and Physical
  • Career Decision-Making and Planning
  • Job-Seeking Knowledge
  • Training and Education

After identifying their barriers, the BESI suggests ways to overcome them by developing an action plan. With this inventory, career counselors can quickly identify individuals requiring immediate intervention and tailor assistance to meet specific needs. Valid and reliable, the BESI makes an ideal screening tool for administrators and counselors as well as an empowering motivator for clients. This edition features a redesigned layout, updated items, an expanded barriers list, and an updated action plan including informational Web resources to help people overcome their barriers.

8½ x 11, 6-panel foldout, comes as a package of 25. © 2019. PRICE: One package of 25 instruments for $75.00. SPECIALS: 10 packages (250) for $719.95; 20 packages (500) for $1,399.00; 40 packages (1,000) for $2,599.00; 60 packages (1,500) for $3,719.00; 80 packages (2,000) for $4,799.00; 100 packages (2,500) for $5,799.00.

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1 package (25), 10 packages (250), 20 packages (500), 40 packages (1,000), 60 packages (1,500), 80 packages (2,000), 100 packages (2,500)


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