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#9920   We’re pleased to present the following collection of assessment instruments and related multimedia resources that focus on a variety of important career, employment, job search, personality, financial literacy, education, and re-entry issues. Designed for individual and group use, most of these unique pencil-and-paper assessment resources (packaged in units of 25) help individuals and professionals assess a variety of skills, values, attitudes, and motivations. Extremely popular with schools and training groups, most of these resources include instructor’s guides (available online — see individual instruments to preview such materials). Each of the following titles are hyperlinked to descriptions elsewhere on this website. Many include downloadable administrative guides that help users administer and interpret each inventory/instrument. Can purchase separately (click onto individual titles for descriptions/order information). SPECIAL: All 33 Inventories/Instruments for $2,379.95.

33 Inventories/Instruments

8 Kits/Collections Also Available (can purchase separately)


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