The Art of the Con: Avoiding Offender Manipulation (2nd Edition)


Helps corrections officers recognize manipulative behavior and thus protect themselves against such behavior.

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By Gary F. Cornelius

#4042   In many instances, correctional staff members believe they are too smart to be manipulated by an inmate. Realizing this possibility exists is the first step in avoiding it.

Divided into seven chapters, this book provides the corrections professional with a better understanding of offenders and their characteristics, behavior, and culture. It shows how staff and volunteers can maintain authority and control by resisting manipulation.

Includes information on the Prison Rape Elimination Act, with discussions of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. It also includes real-life examples of offender manipulation and its consequences.

The concepts in this book apply to anyone in the field, and show how manipulation can occur in prisons, jails, or community supervision. Appendices provide help with training.

216 pages. Softcover. 2009. $27.00. SPECIAL: 10 copies for $245.00.



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