Anger Management Pocket Guide: How to Control Anger Before It Controls You!


This powerful little self-help action guide can change lives for the better by helping you manage your anger and rage! Special sections outline a wealth of supportive resources from self-help books, videos, websites, blogs, and apps.

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ISBN 978-1-57023-352-4
By Ron and Suzan Krannich
#9100   Everyone gets angry, but some people manage anger better than others. When channeled properly, anger is a healthy emotion that relieves tension and stress, focuses decision-making, and results in positive action. But if anger gets out of control and goes negative, it can seriously damage your:
  • physical health
  • mental health
  • relationships
  • career
Worst of all, anger can lead to costly misdemeanors and felonies that result in court and jail time as well as a damaging criminal record. Indeed, anger can kill you in many ways!
Designed for better controlling one’s anger, this powerful little guide covers it all:
  • Shows how anger differs with men and women.
  • Identifies major anger triggers and costs.
  • Specifies self-help techniques.
  • Reveals how to get professional help.
  • Offers a commitment-to-change contract.
Two sections on self-help and getting help cover everything from reducing stress, joining anger management classes, and forming a support group to finding a good therapist, taking medications, and even acquiring a loving pet. It also lists dozens of useful anger management resources books, DVDs, games, programs, and websites.
Jam-packed with revealing self-tests, examples, illustrations, exercises, tips, techniques, and resources for changing attitudes and behaviors that lead to creating a new anger-free you.
A terrific handout for counselors and other professionals to give clients who are struggling with anger management issues, especially those experiencing co-occurring disorders (substance abuse, depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias), and/or those who are incarcerated with anger, rage, and violence issues.
Copyright © 2015. 64 pages. ISBN 978-1-57023-352-4.
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THE AUTHORS:  RON KRANNICH is one of America’s leading career and travel writers who has authored more than 100 books. Click here for more information on Ron’s bio. SUZAN KIEPPER KRANNICH is a former health care executive who received an MSW from New York University. As a trained therapist, she has worked with many individuals experiencing anger management, substance abuse, and related co-occurring disorders.

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