America’s Top Internet Job Sites


The ultimate guide to the best Internet job sites. Internet technology applied to the employment process makes finding a job both efficient and frustrating.

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ISBN: 1-57023-165-6

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By Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds

If you’re not using the Internet in your job search, it’s time you did…and in a very smart way. By some counts, nearly 100,000 websites focus on employment. Faced with a daunting task of navigating through a sea of digital information, many job seekers don’t know where to go online for the best career information, advice, and services.

Here’s the first book to examine employment websites from the perspective of job seekers who need to integrate this medium into a well organized and implemented job search. While most employment websites are organized by Internet entrepreneurs for the benefit of employers and recruiters, savvy job seekers should also use these sites to their advantage.

Rather than seducing you into immediately posting your resume, browsing job listings, and applying for jobs online, this book stresses the importance of doing first things first. It reveals numerous specialty websites for assessing skills, developing objectives, conducting research, and networking prior to posting your resume online and responding to job listings. Focusing on the whole job search process, this well organized and job seeker-friendly book includes separate chapters on:

  • using search engines, agents, and directories
  • exploring gateway employment sites
  • assessing interests, skills, and abilities
  • acquiring online education and training
  • networking and mentoring
  • accessing Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, and message boards
  • identifying the top mega employment sites and databases
  • conducting research and acquiring information and advice
  • developing and distributing resumes and letters
  • interviewing, salary negotiations, and relocation
  • contacting a career counselor or coach for one-on-one assistance

Special chapters examine websites for recruiters, employers, individual occupations, and special job seekers, such as college students, military in transition, women, minorities, people with disabilities, nonprofit and international job seekers, free agents, spies, and ex-offenders.

Unlike any other book on conducting an online job search, this one tells it like it really is – including all the positives and negatives of using the Internet in your job search. 283 pages. 2002.

  • The World of Internet Job Sites
  • Getting Started in the Right Direction
  • Virtual Job and Career Communities
  • Gateway Employment Sites
  • Mega Employment Sites and Databases
  • Assessment and Testing Sites
  • Education and Online Learning Sites
  • Career Information, Advice, and Research Sites
  • Resume and Cover Letter Sites
  • Networking, Mentoring, and Q&A Sites
  • Interview, Salary, and Relocation Sites
  • Career Counseling and Coaching Sites
  • Employer and Recruiter Sites
  • Specialty Occupational and Job Sites
  • Niche Sites for Special Job Seekers



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