Alcohol (Video)


Explores the history of alcohol, the effects of it on the body, teenage attitudes toward alcohol, and more.

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#7127   “Alcohol isn’t a drug. A cup of coffee will sober me up. I’m always a safe driver, even after a couple of beers.” These statements are only a few of the myths this video skewers as it explores:

  • the history of alcohol
  • the effects of alcohol on the body and the short- and long-term health impacts
  • teenage attitudes toward alcohol and trends such as binge drinking

The video also examines the prevalence of alcohol in American culture and discusses alcoholism — how to identify it and how to treat it.

Correlates to National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. Viewing time: 20 minutes. Closed-captioned. 2010.

Format/purchase options: Streaming Video, 3-Year Subscription ($99.95); DVD ($99.95); and Streaming Video + DVD ($179.00).

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This item is part of the Drugs: The Straight Facts series.



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