Addiction Basics: Understanding the Disease (DVD & USB)


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#9371  Millions of people use alcohol and other drugs in a manner that would be considered harmful. How do they know when they’ve crossed the line into abuse or addiction? Clarifying the difference is crucial for accurate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Addiction Basics is ideal for increasing general awareness and education surrounding addiction. Perfect for individuals—adolescent and older—who are beginning assessment or who have not yet recognized they may have a substance use disorder.

Addiction Basics’ unique video format shares insights from medical and behavioral health professionals as well as people in recovery in their own words. This engaging series of videos presents the latest information on substance use disorders and dispels the myths surrounding the disease. The accompanying flash drive (USB) has a facilitator guide with discussion questions and client fact sheet for each chapter to enhance learning and participation.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Addiction: A Brain Disease
  • What is Addiction?
  • How Does Addiction Happen?
  • How Does Addiction Affect Your Body?
  • How Does Addiction Affect Your Thinking?
  • How Does Addiction Affect Your Life and Relationships?
  • How Do You Get Help for an Addiction?

Copyright 2017. $265.00. SPECIAL: 5 copies for $1,159.00. Part of The Basics Addiction, Treatment, Recovery, and Support Video Series (#9552)



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