A Young Man’s Guide to Self-Mastery


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Stephanie S. Covington, PhD, and Roberto A. Rodriguez, MA, LMFT

#9899   How practitioners can work with young male clients with a gender-responsive treatment program!

Adverse life events can impact boys, young men, transgender, and nonbinary people in a variety of ways. For example, these events can create significant impairment in neural development which can lead to weakened critical thinking, diminished emotional intelligence, and increased antisocial behavior. Statistics show that without trauma-focused interventions, treatment programs are inadequate in helping young men–estimated to account for 68% of all teens struggling with substance use disorder is even higher.

A Young Man’s Guide to Self-Mastery provides practical guidance on implementing an effective trauma-informed, gender-responsive treatment program that addresses the impact of socialization, adverse life experiences, and substance use. This comprehensive guide explains the theoretical foundation and real-life connection between trauma and substance use, and provides clear guidelines and actionable strategies for treating boys and young men challenged by trauma and substance use. It also:

  • Provides guidance on integrating evidence-based interventions, mindfulness techniques, and experimental activities
  • Includes the topics of adverse childhood experiences, male socialization, sense of self, communication, sexuality, relational aggression, and building healthy relationships
  • Examines trauma’s impact on families, mental health, and addictive behavior
  • Discusses the key elements of strength-based approaches and mentoring

A Young Man’s Guide to Self-Mastery is an individual resource for practitioners working with male adolescents in mental health clinics, juvenile justice facilities, and residential and outpatient facilities.

Program/set includes: Facilitator’s Guide, Workbook and 3-Ring binder

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