95 Mistakes Job Seekers Make . . . and How to Avoid Them


Identifies fatal mistakes made by job seekers and explains how to avoid making them.

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ISBN: 1-57023-198-2

By Richard Fein

#2073   Avoid the many mistakes outlined in this book and you may be able to cut your job search time in half!

Looking for a job is difficult and stressful even under the best of circumstances. If you don’t know how to navigate the various stages of a job search, you may make serious mistakes that can prolong or even doom your endeavors. This unique book outlines 95 common mistakes at each stage of a job search and shows how to avoid them. Use it to get started on the right foot and avoid the many pitfalls that lurk at each turn on the way to landing that great new job that is right for you.

Jam-packed with advice from employers and career experts, 95 Mistakes Job Seekers Make…and How to Avoid Them reveals how to handle every aspect of the job search with skill and finesse:

  • Have the right motivations for starting your search
  • Handle the inevitable roller-coaster emotions successfully
  • Do targeted research smartly and thoroughly
  • Network far and wide for maximum reach
  • Use executive search firms for best results
  • Choose the right words to describe your accomplishments and skills
  • Write your resume in the most effective language
  • Compose an e-resume that will grab an employer’s attention
  • Know what should be in your cover letter
  • Prepare well before your job interview
  • Conduct yourself in a positive manner during the interview
  • Give excellent answers to interview questions
  • Ask the interviewer good questions and at the right time
  • Handle different kinds of interviews
  • Follow through after the interview
  • Consider and negotiate the job offer knowledgeably

A bonus chapter reveals mistakes that tend to be unique to people in special circumstances: transitioning military, minorities, people with disabilities, and recent or upcoming college graduates.

By familiarizing yourself with the many mistakes and solutions revealed in this book, you’ll face the job market with greater enthusiasm as you approach it in a more proactive and effective manner. Best of all, you may be able to cut your job search time in half as well as land the perfect job! 140 pages. 2003. $13.95


  1. Motivation Mistakes
  2. Get Started on the Right Food
  3. Research
  4. Networking
  5. Executive Search Firms
  6. Before Putting Yourself on Paper
  7. Resume Writing
  8. Cover Letters
  9. Interview Preparation
  10. Interview Performance
  11. Answers to Interview Questions
  12. Questions You Ask the Interviewer
  13. Interview Follow Through
  14. The Job Offer
  15. Making Mistakes in Special Circumstances


“A good self-help resource for job-seekers.”
NAWDP Advantage



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