3 Gaps: Are You Making a Difference?


This book shows that what prevents us from making a difference in the world are three key gaps between where we are and where we want to be: belief, values, and time.

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By Hyrum W. Smith
#3889  We all want to make a difference. But just as you need to put on your own oxygen mask before helping other passengers on an airplane, getting your own life together is the first step to making a positive impact in the world. This book shows that what stops us are gaps between where we are and where we want to be.
–The first is the Beliefs Gap, between what we believe to be true and what is actually true.
–The second is the Values Gap, between what we value most in life and what we actually spend our life doing.
–The third is the Time Gap, between what we plan to do each day and what we actually get done.
Smith offers a practical blueprint that we all can use to recognize and close each of these three gaps and illustrates how it can be done through inspiring true stories. The 3 Gaps provides the concepts and the tools needed to establish a solid foundation from which you can help make the world a better place.
120 pages. Softcover. 2016. $17.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $164.95; 100 copies for $1,495.95.

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