201 Dynamite Job Search Letters (5th Edition)


You are what you write! At least in the eyes of potential employers, your mailed, faxed, or emailed letters say a great deal about your

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ISBN 978-1-57023-232-9

By Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds

#9717  You are what you write! At least in the eyes of potential employers, your mailed, faxed, or emailed letters say a great deal about your fitness for future employment.

Your letters give potential employers important clues about your personality and behavior. They help employers solve one of their most important hiring challenges – predicting a candidate’s future performance.

You simply must demonstrate strong communication skills when looking for a job. Indeed, one of the best kept secrets is that successful job seekers write terrific job search letters that set them apart from the competition, say the authors, Ron and Caryl Krannich.

Playing a critical role in finding jobs and advancing careers, these letters communicate your qualifications, personality, and value to employers who, in turn, will want to invite you to interviews. They tell potential employers who you are both professionally and personally, and whether or not you are worthy of being considered for a job.

In fact, many employers report well-crafted cover letters, or thoughtful thank you letters, to be more important to granting interviews and offering jobs than resumes or interviews. They are key contributors to job search success.

Here’s the book that shows you how to write powerful letters that open the doors to employers. Included are more than 200 examples of letters that should be written at various stages of any job search.

Outlining 52 key principles for writing, distributing, and following up job search communication, the authors present numerous letters for all types of job search occasions. You’ll find letters to:

  • Start as well as stop your job search.
  • Develop contacts and uncover job leads.
  • Broadcast your qualifications to employers.
  • Follow up on earlier communication.
  • Develop good relations with a new employer.

Best of all, the examples demonstrate how important it is to clearly communicate ones purpose, energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, and likability to employers. Revealing important job search strategies and tactics, these letters represent the richness and texture – as well as the complexities, challenges, and frustrations – found in most job searches.

By examining and emulating many of these letters, you’ll discover how important writing letters is to achieving success. For in the end, letter writing forces job seekers to organize their thoughts, clarify their goals, and give their job search direction.

In the hands of a persistent, determined, and well-focused job seeker, these letters produce desired results – job interviews and offers. Don’t start your job search without first organizing your writing activities according to the principles and examples presented in this unique book. 295 pages. 8.5 x 11. 2005.



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