101 Hiring Mistakes Employers Make


Savvy HR professionals need to actively seek out and hire the “right” candidate for the job. Here is the book that shows them how!

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ISBN: 978-1-57023-129-2

By Richard Fein

#21   Everyone makes mistakes. Some learn from their mistakes while others seem destined to repeat their errors. As HR professionals quickly discover, you must hire well if you are to effectively compete in today’s talent driven economy. Hiring mistakes are not only costly, they are simply bad decisions for everyone involved, including your most productive personnel. Ask the wrong questions, conduct superficial background checks, and make quick decisions and you may weaken your organization. Hire right and you’ll build a strong, competitive, and energetic organization for years to come.

This book shows its readers that the savvy HR professional needs to actively seek out and hire the “right” candidate for the job. Not only is it a mistake to hire the wrong person, but it is a mistake to fail to hire a successful candidate simply because the employer did not know where to look. Fein gives his readers tips on what to look for in a candidate, where to locate the specific characteristics that an employer desires, and how to draw out the potential in each job candidate in order to ensure a productive employee.

101 Hiring Mistakes Employers Make and How to Avoid Them is the first book to catalog the major hiring mistakes organizations make as well as outline key lessons to be learned from each mistake. Based on interviews with human resource professionals, the book reveals the top reasons for hiring mistakes:

  • Time pressures
  • Lack of empathy for candidates
  • Poor use of staff
  • Flawed interviewing
  • Inadequate reference checks
  • Inappropriate offer letters
  • Disparate staffing perceptions
  • Over-reliance on technology
  • Making HR solely responsible for hiring

Here’s the book all employers need to read and re-read as they assess their current HR practices. Identifying more than 101 hiring mistakes-from asking the wrong questions to failing to verify credentials-the book is filled with revealing tips on what it really takes to hire the best employees. Don’t even call that next candidate or think about extending an offer before reviewing the many useful tips on screening candidates! 130 pages. 6 x 9. 2000.


  • The Pressure of Time
  • Creative Recruitment Strategies
  • Don’t Bend Your Hiring Practices (But You Can Always Improve Them)
  • The Interviewing Process
  • Checking References
  • Technology
  • HR and Hiring Managers
  • Transition
  • Seven More Mistakes Not to Make


“…Covers the basic mistakes employers make…Especially valuable here
are the case history examples pointing out just where the hiring process
made assumptions without adequate probing.”
Reader, Amazon.com


© 2000. 112 pages. $14.95



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