101 Dynamite Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview (2nd Edition)


You are what you ask at the job interview. Indeed, that’s the central message

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ISBN: 1-57023-053-6

By Richard Fein

#19. You are what you ask at the job interview. Indeed, that’s the central message of this edition of Richard Fein’s ground-breaking and bestselling book, 101 Dynamite Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview. While other interview books primarily focus on developing winning answers to the most frequently asked interview questions, this book identifies the missing ingredient to conducting a successful job interview the type and quality of questions the job seeker should ask at the job interview. In so doing, the book goes a long way in taking the mystery out of job interviews.

Many job seekers prepare for the job interview by only anticipating key questions they are likely to encounter in the interview. Assuming that the content of their answers will primarily determine their interview success, they become preoccupied with developing positive answers to numerous types of questions most frequently asked by interviewers.

But answering questions is only part of the interview equation. You also must be prepared to ask several questions that will both help you better evaluate the job and more clearly communicate your qualifications to employers. After all, the job interview is a two-way communication process. Employers want to know if you are qualified to fit into their organization. You need to know if the organization is fit for your interests, skills, and abilities.

Here’s the first book to examine the key questions job seekers should ask at the interview. Identifying 101 questions arranged by key categories, the book outlines each question as well as provides explanations and follow-up questions. It includes:

  • 40 questions to ask about the job
  • 40 questions relating to the company
  • 10 questions about the industry or profession
  • questions relating to outside influences
  • questions for closing the interview
  • questions you should always avoid asking at the interview

Rich with communication tips and sample questions all interviewees should ask at their job interviews. Don’t go to your next job interview without first reading this important book on how to put your best foot forward in communicating your qualifications to employers. 134 pages. 6 x 9. 2001.


  1. Your New Job Depends on Your Questions
  2. What You Should Ask About and Why
  3. The Job: 40 Questions You Could Ask
  4. The Company: 40 Questions You Could Ask
  5. The Industry or Profession: Ten Questions You Could Ask
  6. External Influences: Ten Questions You Could Ask
  7. Closing: The One Question You Should Always Ask
  8. Research to Give Your Questions the Greatest Impact




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