10 Best-Ever Anxiety Management Techniques


Explains how your brain makes you anxious and gives techniques to help you change, letting you avoid taking medication.

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By Margaret Wehrenberg
#7929  Anxiety disorders are grouped into three main categories: panic, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety. These disorders are among the most common and pervasive mental health complaints. From the subtlest effect of sweaty palms during a work presentation to the more severe symptom of reclusion, anxiety casts a wide net.
Medication, once considered the treatment of choice, is losing favor as more and more sufferers complain of unpleasant side effects and its temporary, quick-fix nature. Now, thanks to a flood of fresh neurobiology research and insights into the anatomy of the anxious brain, effective, practical strategies have emerged allowing us to manage day-to-day anxiety on our own.
Addressing physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms, Margaret Wehrenberg, a leading mental health clinician, draws on basic brain science to highlight the top 10 anxiety-defeating tips. Everything from breathing techniques and mindful awareness to cognitive control and self-talk are included.
256 pages. Softcover. 2008.


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