Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and where are you physically located?

We are a bricks-and-mortar, direct-mail, and online publication and distribution company specializing in career, education, life skills, and travel resources. Our office and warehouse are located in the historic Civil War community of Manassas, Virginia. We’ve been in business since 1982. For more information about Impact Publications, see About Us.

Do you have a toll-free number and voice mail?

We have a toll-free number dedicated to orders and customer service: 800-361-1055.

For other questions, please use our regular phone number: 703-361-7300.

If you need to leave a voice message after closing hours (4:30 PM, EST), please call 703-361-7300 and leave a message. If our lines are busy, please try again or send an email to

I'm not sure if I want to order online. What other order alternatives do you offer?

If you prefer not to order online, you can do any of the following:

  1. Call our toll-free number (800-361-1055) to place your order with a live person between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM (EST).  If the lines are busy, please leave a voice mail with your contact information. 
  2. Fax your order to 703-335-9486.
  3. Mail your order with a check, money order, or credit card information to:
    Impact Publications
    7820 Sudley Road, Suite 100
    Manassas, VA 20109-2896
  4. E-mail your order using our online order form.

Be sure to check our website for current prices.

I don't like to order online because of potential security problems. What should I do?

We have a very secure site, with a 128-bit SSL shopping cart and one of the world’s best credit card processing operations through However, if you prefer not ordering online, just choose one of the alternatives given under “Alternatives to Ordering Online” immediately above.

I'm having trouble with my online order. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's a problem with your shopping cart or website. What should I do?

You can always cancel titles and start over. Check to make sure you have followed all the instructions, especially indicating your payment method. If you try to check out without indicating your payment method, the shopping cart will not let you complete your order.

If you experience any other problems, please call us for assistance between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM (EST) to place your order over the phone, or send an email with your contact info and questions to

Can I start shopping online today and save my choices in the shopping cart, and continue my shopping in a few days without losing my list of items?

Yes, you can stop and return at any time. Our shopping cart keeps your selected items up to seven (7) days.

Can you give us a price quote for items we wish to order?

We regularly respond to Requests for Quotations.  Email your request to or fax the information to us at 703-335-9486 and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Do you have a Federal ID number, CAGE Code, and DUNS number?

Federal ID: 54-1191465
DUNS #: 043507136

Can you give us a sole source letter for materials we wish to order?

We are the sole source for everything we publish, as well as for all special value kits. We are also the sole source for various combinations of products that cannot be found with other publishers and distributors.

We’ll be happy to provide you with a sole source letter for the appropriate products. Just tell us which products you need and give us your contact information.

Do I need to include sales tax?

Unless tax exempt, Virginia residents need to add 6% sales tax and California customers must add  the state rate of 7.25%.  If exempt from sales tax please contact our office to place the order:  703-361-7300 or
The company does not collect other state sales taxes at this time. 


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards for online, phone, and mail orders.

Can I pay by check online or over the phone?

Sorry, but we only accept credit cards online and over the phone.

Do you accept checks and credit cards from Canada and other countries?

Yes, as long as they are drawn on a U.S. bank and payable in U.S. dollars.

However, in a few cases, such as Nigeria, we are unable to accept credit cards and checks because of the high incidence of payment fraud. In those cases, we require international certified checks or bank transfers.  Those funds must clear before the products are shipped. 

Can you bill me?

Yes, if you represent an institution based in the U.S., and have an account with us. See the answer to the next question. Individuals must prepay by credit card, check, or money order.

Can I send you a purchase order?

Yes, if you have an account with us, are an approved institution, and send an official purchase order. Acceptable purchase orders must be issued by the proper purchasing authority and signed. Email the purchase order to, fax to 703-335-9486                                                           or mail to



7820 SUDLEY RD, STE 100

MANASSAS VA 20109-2896.

Can you send me a purchase order?

Customers who do not understand purchase orders, or who are making their first purchase, frequently ask us this somewhat puzzling question.

If you are with an organization and are not pre-paying, you need to contact the person who is authorized to make purchases.

We don’t send purchase orders; you (or your purchasing authority) send purchase orders to us.

For your convenience, you can order online, using a purchase order or download order forms for creating purchase orders.

How do you ship items?

Please click here for answers to the numerous questions we get about shipping.

What if I don't like the item. What is your return policy?

You may return books within 30 days of the invoiced date as long as you include a copy of the invoice and the item arrives in our warehouse in resalable (new) condition. In general, DVDs are not returnable as they are no longer new once viewed. For more on our Returns policy, click here.

Can you send me an order form?

Just go to the button in the upper right side of this website, below the search box, and click on “Download Order Form.” The order form is in PDF format. Alternatively, you can click here to get the order form.

Where do I find your order codes or numbers for submitting an order?

Ordering with us is simple. First, download our digital catalog from this website and search for the titles of interest. However, it is not necessary to look up order codes because our system is title sensitive. Once you find the correct title, add it to the shopping cart. When you place an order using our downloadable order form, just list the titles and prices. We will confirm the titles once the order form is received. 

Can you give me ISBNs for the titles I'm interested in ordering?

We only list ISBNs for the titles that we publish. You’ll find them with the description of each title.

I notice that only DVDs are offered, instead of VHS. What can I do if I want the VHS version?

You can phone or email us, and we will check for you to see whether a VHS version is available.

Can I preview your DVDs online?

Video clips are available for many products, but not all. When they are available, you will see a link to the preview video. However, if you have any questions about particular products, please contact us (800-361-1055) for information and advice. Our product experts can save you a great deal of time and money by helping you narrow your choices to DVDs that would be most appropriate for you and your audience.

Are any of your DVDs closed-captioned for people with hearing loss or those learning English as a second language?

Yes. Just type into the search engine the word (without the quote marks!) “caption” or “captions.” Up will come all of the titles that we know are captioned or subtitled in English.

If you are interested in a title that doesn’t appear to be captioned or subtitled, let us know and we can check it out for you.

We love your stuff, but we don't have any money! Would you be willing to make a donation to our organization?

Sorry, but we’re not donors – we’re publishers and distributors who have to make a living. We get many requests for donations, but if we gave away our resources, they would have no value, and we would be in the same situation you’re in – few resources to do the job that needs to be done.

Many innovative nonprofit organizations and government agencies use our catalogs and flyers to educate donors on the need to acquire our many valuable resources.

If you are an individual looking for a donation, we recommend that you share information about our resources with people who can help you – library,  civic associations, church or other place of worship, relative, friend, or mentor.

I'm serving seven years for robbery and want to change my life. I'm also indigent. Can you send me free copies of the following books? I will pay for them when I get out in 2011. God bless!

This is an actual request we received, one of many similar to this. Our typical response goes like this:
Please see the enclosed flyers and share them with your education department or chief psychologist. They may want to acquire these resources and put them into circulation so other inmates can benefit from them. Best wishes.

We have a conference coming up and we're looking for door prizes. Could you send us some resources to give away?

Maybe. Send us details on your group. We can also provide you with customized flyers on resources relevant to your participants which you could include in their registration packets.

Can you send us some catalogs?

Yes, but which catalog are you interested in? How many copies do you need? When do you need them? If we’re out of catalogs, would you like us to provide you with customized flyers? What subjects and types of resources is your audience most interested in? 

I don't know what I really want. Can someone help me select the best resources for my needs?

Yes. just call our toll-free number: 800-361-1055. We can recommend the best resources for your needs.

Please note that this is not a free counseling hotline for individuals in search of employment or travel advice. We only provide product advice – the best resources for your needs and budget

Can you look at my resume?

Sorry, but we’re not an employment nor counseling service. Send your resume to a professional resume writer for a free critique or fee-based makeover. Be sure to send it directly to a company you’re interested in applying for a job.

I don't have any money to buy your book about changing jobs. Can you tell me how I can get an advertising job in Detroit?

Sorry, but we are not able to provide employment advise. Check with your local library or One-Stop Career Center. They might be able to help you. We encourage you to find some money to buy the book, which costs less than the price of four gallons of gas – a very inexpensive but wise investment in your future that you can refer to often.