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The Ex-Offender's 30/30 Job Solution
Ex-Offender's 30/30 Job Solution: Quickly Find a Lifeboat Job Close to Home (2nd Edition)
This unique book outlines a powerful 30-day program for job hunters who seek satisfying employment opportunities within 30 miles of any location in the United States.
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ISBN: 978-1-57023-361-6 (softcover); 978-1-57023-375-3 (eBook)

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"[This] is an enlightening and highly useful read for those
who want to put their life back on the right track.
--The Midwest Book Review
By Neil P. McNulty and Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

 Ex-offenders face numerous challenges in making it on the outside. First and foremost, they must quickly find a job and keep it in order to support themselves in the free world. And that job often needs to be close to home as well as near their parole or probation officer.

For many ex-offenders seeking their first job out, any job will do as long as it provides them with sufficient income to survive. Put another way, they need to quickly find a lifeboat job.

A lifeboat job is one individuals need to find NOW in order to keep themselves financially afloat in difficult times. It's essentially a survival job - not one that necessarily leads to an exciting career or high wages. It's all about meeting the necessities of life and becoming self-sufficient on the outside.

Ex-offenders know all too well the importance of lifeboat jobs. Being released from prison or jail without money, a job, or family support, and facing immediate housing, clothing, food, and transportation needs - as well as probation and parole reporting requirements - they need to quickly land a job near where they live.

This book introduces the concept of the "30/30 job search," which has been successfully used by thousands of job placement clients. It outlines a powerful 30-day program for job hunters who seek satisfying employment opportunities within 30 miles of any location in the United States.

The authors reveal how anyone with a stable work history and marketable skills can quickly find a job close to home by using an arsenal of unconventional job search strategies and techniques that get the attention of prospective employers. Indeed, they outline the fastest, most effective job hunting system anywhere for finding employment.

The book includes three unique principles for job search success:
  • Talent Intersecting Opportunity (TIO) Principle
  • Talent and Geography (TAG) Principle
  • 30-Mile Placement Principle
Filled with step-by-step advice on everything from identifying employers, writing resumes, and composing emails to leaving voicemail messages, interviewing, and follow-up over a 30-day period, here is the book that can make a big difference in the lives of ex-offenders who need a lifeboat job to survive in today's challenging economy.
128 pages. Softcover. 7 x 10. 2016. 

PRICING: $11.95 for a single copy. QUANTITY SPECIALS: 10 copies for $107.60; 25 copies for $254.00; 50 copies for $478.00; 100 copies for $837.00; 250 copies for $1,792.00; 500 copies for $3,585.00; 1,000 copies for $5,980.00. Please see the Product Options box above for volume discounts when ordering.


Chapter 1: The 30/30 Job Solution for Ex-Offenders 1
Focus on Finding Lifeboat Jobs 1
Good Lifeboat Jobs for Ex-Offenders 2
The Ex-Offender Lifeboat Experience 2
Find a Job Within 30 Days 4
Get Employed Within 30 Miles From Home 4
30/30 Success on Your Own and With Assistance 5
Chapter 2: Three Unconventional Principles That Can Work For You 6
It's Now Okay to Break the Rules 6
Become Your Own Campaign Manager 6
Talent Intersecting Opportunity (TIO) Principle 7
Talent and Geography (TAG) Principle 8
30-Mile Placement Principle 9
Old Myths and New Zones of Opportunities (ZOOs) 10
The Widespread Reality of ZOOs 12
Finding Your Zones of Opportunity (ZOO) 13
What Employers Want 14
Key Program Elements 14
Chapter 3: Communication Technology for 30/30 Success 18
Using Job Search Technology 18
The Illusion of Making Progress 18
E-cruiting Realities 19
Software and 30/30 20
Telephone Voicemail - Your Best Job Hunting Tool 20
Effective Voicemail Messages 21
Electronic Mail (Email): The Second Best Job Hunting Tool Ever 23
Voicemail Procedures 25
Accessing "Confidential" Voicemail Boxes 25
Voicemail Follow-Up 28
The Internet, 30/30, and the Art of "Candidate Contrived Coincidence" 28
Mail (Post), 30/30, and Home-Targeted Letters 32
Chapter 4 Phase I: Research and Planning 35
Develop and Target a Contact List 35
Ex-Offender-Friendly Companies 45
Military-Friendly Companies 46
Other Companies 46
Advertisements and Opportunity Leads 47
Scripts for Getting Interviews 48
Basic Resumes and Tailored Resumes 58
Email as Your Primary Contact List Strategy 62
Chapter 5 Phase II: Action 64
Success is Just Six Companies Away 64
Use Your Job Search Time Wisely 64
Working in Time Blocks 65
Contact Sequencing 65
Adjusting Your Plan 66
Best Interview Times 66
Chapter 6 Phase III: Getting Hired 68
Nine Actions You Need to Take 68
Prepare for Job Interviews 69
Role Playing, Rehearsing, and Practicing Answers to Interview Questions 70
Debrief After Each Interview 71
Send Thank-You Notes 73
Contact Good References 73
Close Effectively 74
Negotiate Offers 76
Get Hired 77
Resignation, Counteroffers, and Continuing Actions 77
Appendix A: Interviewing Principles You Should Never Forget 79
Interviews Are Often a One-Way Street 79
Inside Secrets of Placement Experts 80
12 Key Interview Principles 80
Final Review and Preparation 97
Appendix B: Answering and Asking Key Questions 102
Most Frequently Asked Questions 102
Unexpected Questions 108
Behavior- and Situation-Based Questions 108
Questions You Should Ask 109
Ask Yourself These Questions 111
Appendix C: Leaving With Professionalism 113
Feelings 113
The Steps to Resigning 114
The Resignation Letter 114
The Resignation Meeting 115
Dealing With Your Peers and Subordinates 118
Career Resources 120

THE AUTHORS: Neil McNulty is president of McNulty Management Group, a staffing and placement firm that pioneered the "30/30 job search" concept and program. Ronald Krannich is one of America's leading career experts and author of more than 100 books.



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