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DVDs & Streaming Videos

While all videos are available as DVDs, many are also now available in streaming video format; be sure to check the Product Options box in the product description for the availability of formats. If you want a particular DVD in streaming format and the product description doesn't mention that option, just call us and we will check for you. If a link appears not to be working, just type into the search bar the title you are looking for. If you are still unable to find the item, send an email to


If you need a Spanish-language DVD, please type in the word SPANISH in the search engine to bring up all products that are available in Spanish. Alternatively, you can contact us for help with finding items in Spanish.

If you are searching for items that are captioned (closed-captioned or English-language subtitled), type CAPTION in the search engine and all titles that are captioned will be listed for you. We have tried to provide this information whenever we can. If what you are looking for doesn't appear to be captioned, contact us and we will check it out for you.

If you need to verify that a DVD includes public performance rights, please call us at 1-800-361-1055.

If you need the VHS version, please call us at the above number to find out if it is available.

These topics span all ages, both genders, and various populations. Anyone seeking to solve problems in this area will find the right video for their particular needs here.
Self-esteem, personality self-assessment, personal development, goal setting, career self-assessment, and more - here you'll find DVDs to help you set and attain your goals.
Teens are a particularly vulnerable group. Risk factors lurk everywhere - drunken driving, depression, dropping out of school, anger, drugs, family problems, and more.
These motivational DVDs are for those seeking to change their attitudes, improve their lives, overcome adversity, deal with workplace problems, cope with stress, and more!
These DVDs focus on tools of the trade and various voc/tech topics that introduce viewers to ways of earning a living.
Teachers and counselors will enjoy exploring this huge collection that covers all age groups as they investigate careers and, in the process, see what various occupations are like in real life, instead of merely reading about them in books.
Character development in school children, from kindergarten through high school, is the focus of this collection. Covers every aspect of character, from attitude, anger, drug use, manners, prejudice, responsibility, self-reliance, and much more.
These videos help students prepare for college entrance exams.
These DVDs address the particular issues, especially aspects of the job search process, people with disabilities face.
Everyone - both men and women - wants to make a good impression on others, whether in the job interview, in the workplace, and in their social life. This collection points the way and helps you give your career or job hunt a boost!
These DVDs are geared toward children of elementary school age, their teachers, and their parents.
Inmates and those transitioning to the outside world will find DVDs covering everything from anger management, attitude improvement, job-seeking skills, and workplace strategies, to coping with relationships, recovery from substance abuse, and avoiding re
Check out our selection of DVDs that address various aspects of parenting, problems parents face, especially those who struggle with the responsibilities of child-rearing under difficult circumstances.
Here, you will find numerous DVDs on various health, fitness, and nutrition topics for all age groups.
The programs here are of particular interest to human resources or personnel offices, as well as managers.
These focus on Internet behavior and safety - bullying, preying on people, hacking, and other online criminal behavior.
Job seekers are shown how to harness the power of the Internet in their job search, including creating a Web resume - and how to do it without getting lost in cyberspace!
Seeing on a screen how to handle a job interview, including answering difficult interview questions, can be invaluably helpful to many job seekers. These DVDs also include job search tips and strategies, as well as how to interview job candidates.
Covers workplace strategies and tips on career advancement - communication/presentation skills, networking, anger and conflict, stress management, basic "rules" of the workplace, and much more. Every employee - seasoned and new, students, professionals, t
This collection is for job seekers needing to develop and hone their job search and employability skills. Telephone skills, networking, filling out job applications, job search tips, organizing a job search, and much more!
Issues involving learning disorder or attention deficit disorder affect all age groups, as can be seen in this selection of DVDs.
These DVDs focus on those skills that are needed to create a lifestyle that will enable people to flourish and develop individually, socially, and as a family member.
Stress management, anxiety, and co-occurring disorders are among the topics here.
These titles pertain to students in middle or high school, as well as teachers and others.
The job search and workplace skills discussed among the DVDs in this collection address the needs of minorities and immigrants in the job market. Covers resumes and cover letters, dressing appropriately for interviews and the workplace, and workplace stra
These videos focus on personal finances - for teens and adults. Topics include banking, borrowing, renting, debt, savings, loans, credit, car purchasing, and more.
These DVDs illustrate the importance and meaning of networking and social media in ways that can be hard to grasp in books.
Healthy and unhealthy relationships, date rape, and communication can be explored in these videos.
A treasure trove of DVDs on creating resumes and composing job search letters. Great resources for job seekers and career counselors, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and other career professionals working with people wanting to enter the job market
Addresses the needs, in school and outside, of kids in K-12. Peer pressure, eating disorders, date rape, getting along with others, depression, test-taking anxiety, much more - it's all here under this category.
These titles cover various aspects of sexual addiction, including online behavior.
Human resources professionals and trainers will find valuable materials among these DVDs that illustrate how students and employees can deal with this pervasive problem.
Schools, human resources departments, and professionals working with ex-offenders and inmates will want to explore this large collection of DVDs covering all aspects of drug/substance abuse, including tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, refusal skills, DUI, date
Miscellaneous subjects can be found here: AIDS education, building healthy relationships, aggresive driving, consumer education, eating disorders, summer and part-time jobs, domestic abuse, the basics of personal finance, and much more.

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