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Angry Men
Angry Men: Managing Anger in an Unforgiving World (2nd Edition)
This new Second Edition of this popular anger management guide offers sound advice on how men can better control their anger as well as reclaim their lives.
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Detailed Description

ISBNs: 978-1-57023-397-5 (paperback); 978-1-57023-398-2 (ebook)

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By Lynne McClure, Ph.D.

Anger can make you ill . . . and even kill if not managed well!



#2684. NEW EDITION! Do you have trouble controlling your anger? Do you sometimes embarrass yourself and others with your angry outbursts? Have you experienced relationship, workplace, and legal problems because of your anger? Worst of all, do you let anger control you . . . and thus create someone you even dislike?


Written with the emotional needs of men in mind, this book explores the numerous triggers that can provoke anger in men. In clear, easy-to-understand language, it outlines steps men can take to better manage their anger and emerge as men who are in control of their lives instead of being controlled by their anger.


Twenty-two real-life stories describe the devastating impact of anger on men and those around them. Indeed, out of control anger can destroy the three things you probably value the most -- personal relationships, your job, and your health. Your anger may get you into legal trouble, from weeks of court-mandated anger management classes to a loss of property, a divorce, an arrest, a conviction, and time served in jail. In addition to creating serious physical and mental health problems (heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorders, stress, depression), anger often takes control of you, sending you down a self-destructive path to nowhere -- a path that can have major consequences for you as well as your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.


Here's the book that puts men's anger in perspective and offers seasoned advice on how to avoid deadly anger traps. Each chapter includes "Ask Yourself" questions to help you better understand anger by getting you to think about what caused your anger and what you can do to prevent it from controlling you. Clearly written, step-by-step instructions guide you through the process and place you in the driver’s seat, steering you away from anger.


Filled with revealing stories and expert advice, this book helps readers discover:


   - how to put space between yourself and your anger

   - how to handle the 7 ways other people spark your anger

   - 7 ways to stay in charge of yourself when you're angry

   - a list of potential triggers that helps you identify what makes you angry

   - what to say and do in various types of angry situations


Don't fool with toxic anger. It can be dangerous for both you and those around you. With this wise and timely book, you can again take charge of your life and become the person you want to be.





           What Angry Men Need to Know and Do


1   What Triggers Men's Anger?     1

2   Take Charge of Your Own Anger    23

3   Seven Ways Other People Try to Control Your Reactions     28


       Seven Life-Changing Skills for Angry Men


4   Decide Whether to Talk Now -- Skill #1     39

5   Talk to the Right Person -- Skill #2    42

6   Pay Attention to Their Feelings -- Skill #3     46

7   Find Something in Common -- Skill #4     52

8   Depersonalize the Situation -- Skill #5    55

9   Get to the Real Issue(s) -- Skill #6    60

10  Drop the Grudge -- Skill #7    67


                    Make a Difference


11. Applying the Seven Skills to Our Opening Stories    74


Images of Angry Men    124

Index    127

Anger Management Resources    132


Written by one of America’s leading anger specialists, Angry Men is designed as both a self-directed and instructional book with Forewords by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, author of On Killing, and Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D., author of The Anger Management Pocket Guide and more than 100 other books.


144 pages. Softcover. 6 x 9. February 2018 (2nd Edition). ISBNs: 978-1-57023-397-5 (paperback); 978-1-57023-398-2 (ebook). $17.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $161.60; 25 copies for $359.00; 50 copies for $674.95; 100 copies for $1,077.00; 500 copies for $4,490.00; and 1,000 copies for $7,180.00.

THE AUTHOR: Lynne McClure, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized expert in managing high-risk behaviors. President of McClure Associates, Inc., in the Phoenix area, Dr. McClure is also the author of Angry Women, Anger & Conflict in the Workplace, Risky Business, and Managing High-Risk Behaviors (video). Dr. McClure has been featured by CNN News Stand, CBS This Morning, The O’Reilly Factor, and other prominent media. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. 

Also by Lynne McClure:



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