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Quick 30/30 Job Solution
Quick 30/30 Job Solution: Smart Job Search Tips for Surviving Today's New Economy
Finally, the book that outlines the fastest, most effective job hunting system anywhere for finding employment.
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ISBN: 978-1-57023-286-2 (13-digit), 1-57023-286-5 (10-digit)

"An exceptional new book that heralds unconventional advice to swiftly find employment close to home."
--Joyce Lain Kennedy, syndicated careers columnist, Tribune Media Services

"It's hard to be picky in today's job market. [This book] is a guide to finding a job quickly and with the standards you want even in today's tougher job market. Focusing on finding a job within thirty days and within thirty miles of your residence, granting the book its name, The Quick 30/30 Job Solution will do well in giving readers the tools they need to help the book live up to its name."
--The Midwest Book Review
By Neil P. McNulty and Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

Finally, the book that outlines the fastest, most effective job hunting system anywhere for finding employment. Today's new recessionary economy has wiped out millions of jobs forever. So what should one do in the face of job loss?

In the past, job seekers were advised to identify what they really wanted to do, write a good resume, expand the geographic scope of their job search, and network for information, advice, and referrals. The result was often a job involving costly relocation and/or a long commute.

But in today's economy, many job seekers need to quickly find a lifeboat job – a satisfying job that's close to home and generates sufficient income. This innovative book introduces the concept of the 30/30 job search™, a job hunting process that has been successfully used by thousands of job placement clients.

It's a powerful 30-day program for job hunters who seek satisfying employment opportunities within 30 miles of any location in the United States.

The authors reveal how anyone with a stable work history and marketable skills can quickly find a job close to home by using an arsenal of guerrilla job search strategies and techniques that get the attention of prospective employers.

Includes a foreword by Joyce Lain Kennedy. Filled with step-by-step advice on everything from identifying employers, writing resumes, and composing emails to leaving voicemail messages, interviewing, and follow-up over a 30-day period, here's the book that can make a big difference in the lives of millions of individuals who need a lifeboat job to survive and prosper in difficult economic times.

176 pages. Softcover. September 2009. $14.95. SPECIALS: 10 copies for $129.95; 100 copies for $995.00; 1,000 copies for $7,475.00. Please see the Product Options box above when ordering. Available on GSA Schedule.

Click here to read an interview with Neil McNulty.

Excerpt From the Book: Chapter 1: The 30/30 Job Solution for Today's New Economy

"Today, job seekers need to quickly find a promising job that pays the bills and is close to home - a lifeboat job."
If you're looking for a job in today's new economy, chances are you've discovered the rules for finding a job have changed significantly since you last went job hunting.

Indeed, in communities with booming economies that constantly create new jobs, finding employment should not take too long if you follow the standard job-finding advice - research employers, write resumes and letters, complete applications, network for advice and contacts, interview for jobs, and follow up in a timely manner. In fact, you may even decide to pursue a job you really love rather than take any job that pays the bills.

Focus on Finding Lifeboat Jobs

The major recession of 2008-2009 significantly restructured the economy and job market as well as strategic thinking about jobs and careers. With the erosion of personal wealth and assets attendant with the stock market and real estate crashes, combined with high unemployment and a jobless recovery, the unemployed don't have the luxury of spending three to nine months searching for an ideal new job.

Since bills need to be paid in a timely manner, which is NOW, most people need jobs to take care of themselves, their families, and their financial obligations.

Even if not unemployed, most people would like to have a job close to home rather than one that requires one to three hours of commuting each day. Ideally, virtually everyone would like to find a new job within 30 days and within 30 miles of their home so they can get on with living a life they are accustomed to in their current community.

Unlike most other job search books, which primarily focus on helping readers find an ideal job - one they do well and enjoy doing - this book is more concerned with quickly finding a job that helps you pay the bills rather than get yourself deeper into debt, risk losing your home, and/or go into bankruptcy.

That job should enable you to quickly develop a steady income stream to manage your daily needs. While it may not be your ideal job, hopefully it will lead to a satisfying career.

In today's challenging economy - characterized by disappearing jobs, high unemployment, limited opportunities, and a jobless recovery - we increasingly focus on what we call lifeboat jobs. First and foremost, such jobs help ensure financial stability for you and your family.

Let's begin by clarifying what we mean by a lifeboat job. It's one you need to find immediately - not six months down the road - in order to keep yourself financially afloat. It's essentially a survival job that may or may not lead to a rewarding career.

While many lifeboat jobs are dead-end jobs, others can lead to very meaningful careers. Indeed, this book should assist you in finding "good" lifeboat jobs - those with a promising future - rather than "bad" lifeboat jobs - those that go nowhere or may depress your future.

As you journey through life, you soon discover that there are both seasons and purposes in life that are subject to changes that may or may not be within your control.

Let's face it. Sometimes personal circumstances and choices - education, health, divorce, relationships, legal obligations - dictate that you must take a job that may not particularly appeal to you, but it's a job that will support you as well as contribute to your long-term success.

Such jobs can give you a secure financial footing so that you can better handle your daily living needs. While these jobs may turn out to be very satisfying and eventually lead to career advancement, they at least, for now, give you a paycheck in exchange for your labor.

In the process, you should grow into the job by acquiring new skills, becoming accomplished, and getting promoted. Best of all, you'll turn that lifeboat job into a positive long-term career!

Finding a "Good" Lifeboat Job

Lifeboat jobs are not necessarily dead-end jobs. In fact, no matter what you've done, dead-end job or otherwise, any job - even digging ditches or delivering pizzas - can lead to something great if you have the right attitude, work hard, and persist.

Just think about it for a moment. All companies, no matter what service they provide or product they produce, have people who own them, run them, make money, and have a real career. Many people who now run major companies once started out at the very bottom.

For example, you'll find restaurant chain owners who started their careers by delivering pizzas. You'll find owners of major construction companies who began with a shovel in their hands digging ditches under a hot sun.

The main difference is these people worked harder than others and had the right attitudes and connections for success. And that's what you need to do. This book will show you how to find a good lifeboat job - one that leads to a real career if you persistently work hard and have the right attitudes and connections.

Unfortunately, few people know how to find good lifeboat jobs. Many waste a great deal of time looking for jobs in the wrong places and then eventually settle for low-paying and unstable jobs. Such jobs may in fact be impediments to long-term career success.

Your goal should be to land a good job with a promising future. That is what this book is all about.

Questionable Lifeboat Experiences

Many people tend to gravitate toward questionable lifeboat jobs that have the following characteristics:
  • experience high turnover
  • pay low wages and salaries
  • offer few benefits
  • require limited skills
  • ask few background questions
  • require no employment testing
  • are physically demanding
  • represent part-time or temp work
  • involve a lengthy commute
  • lack employment stability
No wonder these are low-paying, high-cost jobs with little or no future. Many of these jobs, which may require a long commute and hard work, are often more of a financial burden than a benefit.

After a while, you may discover that you can't afford to continue in such a job. You need to move up the lifeboat ladder to find a good lifeboat job that's more responsive to your income needs and interests.

Many people take these high-turnover lifeboat jobs that offer low wages and few benefits and can be physically demanding:
  • day laborers/handymen
  • construction
  • lawn maintenance
  • cleaning/janitorial
  • roofers
  • moving services
  • dishwashing
  • bartending
  • food processors/preparers
  • waiters/waitresses
Many restaurants, for example, have annual turnover rates of 90 percent or more - perfect places for seeking lifeboat jobs. But there are many other lifeboat jobs with a more promising future available for those who know how to find such jobs.

Neil, who created the innovative 30/30 Placement Program, has helped thousands of people find jobs using his 30/30 job search techniques. Indeed, the 30/30 program is one many people can use to secure a lifeboat job.

It's especially relevant to anyone with a stable work history and marketable skills who is looking for employment in a difficult and challenging economy. It also can be adapted to individuals with less than stable work histories who need to quickly find employment close to home.

In the following pages, our mission is to make sure you expand your job search options as well as use a variety of smart guerrilla strategies and techniques to land a job based upon Neil's 30/30 program.

If you learn the key job search lessons in each chapter and put them into practice, you should be able to find a satisfying lifeboat job within 30 days and within 30 miles of where you live.

Find a Good Job Within 30 Days

In the following pages we outline proven strategies that have helped thousands of individuals find good lifeboat jobs within 30 days. Organized as a program of unconventional job hunter guerrilla tactics, our techniques quickly put job seekers in contact with employers who want to hire them.

It is a relatively brief, streamlined process, and leaves out many topics normally included in most job search books.

Let's get started with this process by identifying two jobs you've had that would indicate to an employer that you have useful, marketable skills and would be a dependable employee:
Job Marketable Skills

1. __________________________ __________________________

2. __________________________ __________________________
Get Employed Within 30 Miles From Home

More and more individuals want to find employment close to home. Given the high costs of commuting long distances to work, today's job seekers prefer finding a job within an easy 20- to 30-minute commute.

In fact, many people are willing to take a lower paying job that is close to home than a higher paying job that requires a lengthy commute.

Spending two to three hours each day commuting 100 to 150 miles roundtrip may cost more than $50 a day in fuel, tolls, maintenance, and parking fees - recurring expenses few people with limited budgets can sustain for long.

Add to this the lost time and high stress associated with such lengthy commutes and you probably have a recipe for an unhappy worklife and future unemployment!

Let's start thinking about your essential employment needs by focusing on your income and commuting needs each day:
Minimum amount I need to make
(hourly wage or yearly salary): ____________________

Maximum miles I can afford to
commute to work each day: ____________________

My ideal monthly salary ____________________

My ideal daily commuting time ____________________
30/30 Success on Your Own and With Assistance

The following pages are designed to help you clarify exactly what it is you need to do in order to land a good lifeboat job. Filled with insider tips and techniques, the remaining five chapters and three appendices will show you how to overcome any barriers to employment by targeting specific employers and jobs the 30/30 way.

While most of the material in the remainder of this book is based upon Neil's experiences as a 30/30 placement professional who works with both job seekers and employers, we've adapted his techniques so that you can conduct an unconventional job search on your own.

Given the self-directed format of this book, be sure to carefully implement it according to our advice.

Should you have questions regarding your 30/30 job search, visit the following website: Once there, click on the "30/30 Job Search Link" which will take you to frequently asked questions. It also includes information on conducting a 30/30 job search on your own and with the assistance of others.

Even though Neil's website is oriented to military people who are looking for work after their military service, his 30/30 techniques and strategies are equally effective for all.

We're confident that if you perform the actions described in this book, you'll be very successful in landing a job within 30 days and within 30 miles of your home! Best of all, that new lifeboat job may also open doors to a very satisfying long-term career.



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