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Great Grammar Series (DVDs)
This 14-DVD series helps students recognize the importance of grammar, not only for writing effective compositions, but also for all types of writing - from essays to e-mails.
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Put your students on the right track. This 14-DVD series helps students recognize the importance of grammar, not only for writing effective compositions, but also for all types of writing - from essays to e-mails.
Each of the programs features an upbeat host who presents important grammatical rules and then applies them to a real-life writing scenario, such as composing a travel article or creating the copy for a school yearbook.
Written to national language arts standards, this series teaches students why grammar is important, how to use correct grammar in their writing, and what makes grammar great!
Total viewing time: 280 minutes; 20 minutes per DVD. Suitable for Grade 6 and above. 2009. Can purchase separately for $39.95. $446.95 for the complete series.
Titles include:
Adjectives - Students, in the roles of wildlife biologists, must use adjectives correctly in order to document animal behavior both in reserves and in the wild.
Adverbs - Learning adverbs has never been so much fun! Image that your students are travel writers on assignment on one of America’s oldest railroads! To complete their assignment they need to learn how to use adverbs correctly.
Capitalization - Reviewing when to capitalize letters is fun when students edit biographies of rock-n-roll band members! Students review capitalization rules and then put their skills to the test!
Commas - As jet-setting photojournalists, your students will be responsible for writing descriptively about the images they capture, without overusing this punctuation symbol!
Conjunctions - To complete the menu at a pizzeria, your class needs to know how to use conjunctions correctly. Cover coordinating, subordinating, and correlative conjunctions.
Ending Punctuation - Students will see how a sports reporter for a local newspaper correctly uses the period, question mark, and exclamation point.
Nouns - From the various types of nouns to the many forms they can take, students will learn how to correctly use nouns. They’ll have plenty of opportunities for review when they watch this outstanding program.
Plurals and Possessives - Students review the rules that make words plural and show possession in a fun “hands-on” way as the host students edit copy for a video yearbook.
Prepositions - Introduces simple and compound prepositions, and familiarizes students with the parts and functions of prepositional phrases.
Pronouns - Students learn to identify pronouns correctly; use subject, object and possessive pronouns properly; and explore how words flow more smoothly with the use of contractions with pronouns.
Quotation Marks - Knowing how to use quotation marks can clarify who said what. By creating an ad campaign using historical quotes, students will learn and review how to properly use quotation marks.
Semicolons and Colons - Students write articles about cultural events, demonstrating the correct usage of both colons and semicolons.
Sentences - Uses clear explanations and examples to review basic sentence structure, subject/verb agreement, and common sentence errors to avoid using.
Verbs - Reviews key concepts and then reviews sentences using various forms of verbs: action, linking, helping, and irregular.

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